Jason Moledzki

Personal Coach

A life in the making.
My Unfinished Masterpiece.
I have always known I am a seeker.
Someone who seeks to know all that is,
all that ever has been and always will be.
My answers lie within &
so do yours.

World Champion Canopy PilotCo-Host - Trust the Journey.TodayCo-Founder of Flight-1 LLCThe worlds leading canopy flight training provider for US & NATO Special Operation & Rescue Units25000+ Students
25 Years of Coaching Experience
7 World Championship Titles
11 World Records
14000 Skydives
1400 BASE Jumps
100+ Career Victories


Work with Jay
Intro Package
- One 1-hour Online Coaching Session
- One week of follow-up DM's and email
- Personal connection with Jay
- Be seen, feel heard, and supported
- Work together as teammates
- Increased motivation, clarity, & direction
- Clear next action steps
- Be held accountable

Organized thoughts
Structured decision making
Systems of accountability
Ensure follow-through and growth
Work together to be our best
Boost confidence
Learn the skills and winning mindset I've learned from 15+ years of working with US & NATO Special Operation & Rescue Units

"Jay is a true inspiration. Through his guidance and support, I have achieved levels of success that I never thought possible. His wealth of knowledge and experience is unmatched, and he possesses a unique ability to see potential in others and help them unlock it. He leads by example, always pushing himself to be the best he can be. His relentless drive and determination are contagious. He truly believes that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance. Whether through the “right” word of encouragement, a difficult challenge, or an honest conversation, Jay always finds a way to bring out the best in me. He was a huge reason for my success. I am forever grateful for the impact that he has had on my life, and I consider myself lucky to have him as my coach, mentor, and friend."Sven Jseppi - World Champion of Canopy Piloting

Whole being wellness
Focused mental conditioning
Physical health training
Nutrition and diet
Flow state training
Breathing practices
Mental and physical stretching and conditioning